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For nearly 50 years you have relied on Gorge Travel for your travel needs. Jeff Stolar and his team have been focused on personalized service and value and are an important part of the Western New York community.

River cruise specialist

Now we introduce to you Jude Russo Caserta, a river cruise specialist and a Lewiston native who will help you navigate the emerging world of River Cruise travel.

Tour companies are popping up all over the world offering more rivers and tours than ever before.

It’s been impossible to know where to start.


Jude will help you select the region and tour most suited for you. She knows the reputable companies and is a certified agent with the United States Tour Operators Association. Members of the USTOA are backed by a $1M Travelers Assistance program.

We call this Million Dollar peace of mind.

We value your time

It is so easy today to cruise the internet and book your own travel. But why do all of the work? Did you know that you can save about 40% on a similar tour created by a USTOA member than if you booked it yourself? And the likelyhood of securing lodging in center city or near major attractions is small because they are already booked by tour companies.

Personal touch

We will listen to your needs and find you many options.

Ideas to get started

  • Think of a few cities and countries  you would like to visit
  • Decide on a length of time for your voyage
  • Determine your own "blackout dates"
  • Decide if you can pay upfront or will need time to prepare
  • Power in numbers - many tour companies will give you one free berth for every 10 purchased. This could be for your leader of your group or you could split amount everyone

It's time to see what all of the excitement is about

Contact Jude at Jude@GoGorgeTravel.com today and prepare for the voyage of a lifetime.


River cruise and tour specialist

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